He Guotai Emergency Science and Technology Museum will open soon

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[GuoTai News] Recently, according to the latest news from the Cathay Group, the Cathay Pacific Emergency Science and Technology Museum is about to open. The Science and Technology Museum is a one-stop large-scale interactive experience fire-fighting venue built by Cathay Group. It covers an area of about 1,200 square meters and can accommodate 300 people to visit at the same time. The exhibition time for a single person is about 60 minutes. The science and technology museum is divided into three parts: the preface hall, the wisdom hall, and the future hall. It is a fire experience center with comprehensive functions, high technology content, strong comprehensiveness, and high professionalism. .

The science and technology museum restores the audience to the danger of disasters by restoring the scenes of urban life and fire, and holistic group and batch experience. Layering on top of content planning, environmental art design, and interactive experience allows viewers to learn knowledge in a game-like way in the creation of a specific environment, so as to make education fun.

The Cathay Pacific Science and Technology Museum is now fully completed. It is planned to be open to people from all walks of life at home and abroad. In addition to attracting domestic and foreign civil defense organizations and professional personnel, as a comprehensive science education museum, the Cathay Fire Science and Technology Museum will also undertake science education functions and public welfare every year. Functions to attract the majority of primary and secondary school students to visit and learn. While publicizing emergency safety science education, it will stimulate the enthusiasm of jointly building a smart and safe city and contribute its own strength to the cause of fire safety.

Cathay Fire Industry Park covers an area of nearly 400 acres, with an office area of nearly 200,000 square meters of headquarters and industrial park bases. Cathay Pacific Park is a comprehensive industry cluster that integrates technology, R & D, pilot, incubation, production, life, education, and experience. Everyone is welcome to make an appointment for a visit, and make an appointment for consultation at 400-8878-119.


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