He Guotai fire-fighting Beijing-Shanghai line high-speed rail naming ceremony was successfully held

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[GuoTai News]  On December 31, 2019, the launching ceremony of the "GuoTai Fire" high-speed rail title train was held at Nanjing South Railway Station. Cathay Fire President Ma Jingchao, Vice President Xu Maofu, Brand Management Center Director Wu Jian and other leaders came to the scene to witness This launch ceremony. The titled “GuoTai  Fire Fighting” Beijing-Shanghai Line high-speed rail train will depart from Beijing and will pass through Tianjin, Jinan, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou and other cities to reach Shanghai. The opening of the "GuoTai  Fire Fighting" high-speed train special line marks the combination of "China's fire-fighting intelligent manufacturing" dual swords, and will jointly start a new safety journey for China's fire fighting.


[The picture shows the scene of the launch ceremony of the GuoTai Fire titled high-speed train]

GuoTai Group, as one of the top ten national enterprises in China's fire protection industry, has won consumer recognition with quality in its 20-year development process, and is more actively engaged in the construction of China's fire safety undertakings and fulfills the social responsibility of outstanding enterprises. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail not only has huge passenger traffic, it is also the first high-speed rail line opened in China. It marks the beginning of China's high-speed rail business. The name of GuoTai  Fire Group's Beijing-Shanghai line high-speed rail is to hope to enhance the company's brand and expand the influence of the Cathay brand through the platform of China's high-speed rail, so as to achieve a win-win situation between brand value and social value.


[Photo shows the scene of activities in the "GuoTai " train]

GuoTai Group will support the fire safety cause with the sense of mission of national enterprises, bring the concept of safety to everyone, raise the awareness of national security, and contribute to the prosperity and stability of the motherland.

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