He Guotai Fire Fighting held the

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[GuoTai News] On December 17, 2019, Cathay Fire held a “Leadership Action” labor competition commendation meeting with the Yizheng Federation of Trade Unions in the ladder classroom on the 8th floor of the administrative building of the Industrial Park. Was commendable and awarded a medal.

The "Leadership Action" labor competition was initiated by the Yizheng Federation of Trade Unions and co-organized by Cathay Pacific Fire Protection. Various forms of competition activities were carried out in terms of improving the quality of employees, ensuring safe production, improving project quality and efficiency, and creating harmonious enterprises. During the competition, all participating teams and groups of the Cathay Pacific Group Production Center actively participated in the process, and after a series of evaluations and acceptances, a group of advanced collectives and individuals who dared to innovate, have high skills, and dedicated to their posts were selected, which fully stimulated the work of front-line employees. Motivation, at the same time played an important role in promoting production technology skills and safety awareness.


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