Guo Tai Group wins bid for fire protection project of Suzhou University Gaoyou Experimental School

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[Guo Tai's News] Recently, the Cathay Pacific Group has received good news. Jiangsu Cathay Fire Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has won multiple bids in the EPC project fire engineering project of Suzhou University Gaoyou Experimental School.

Jiangsu Cathay Fire Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathay Group, and has first-class qualification for fire protection facility engineering design and construction issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The successful Gaoyou Experimental School of Suzhou University is located in the plot on the east side of Zhuguang Road in Gaoyou Economic Development Zone and on the north side of Xingxin Road. It covers an area of 86,701 square meters. It plans to build a nine-year compulsory education school with a planned total building area of approximately It is 99,800 square meters, including 8 tracks of 48 primary schools and 15 tracks of 45 junior high schools, with a total investment of about 540 million yuan.


[The picture shows the effect map of Suzhou University Gaoyou Experimental School]

It is reported that Gaoyou Experimental School is the first nine-year compulsory education base of Suzhou University out of Suzhou, and the first large-scale industrial chain project undertaken by Jiangsu Huajian Yangzhou Branch after its operation. In this tender, Cathay won unanimous approval from the judging panel for its excellent construction quality, strong technical strength, reasonable price positioning, honest and trustworthy operation method, and perfect service system. Both parties will work together to concentrate all advantageous resources and make the project a new model of school-land cooperation.

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